Easy to use database for your recipes by DJOPAD Project, now available for download

Here is a quick overview of the main features:

  • Portability. DJORecipes doesn't need any installation, won't add keys to your system registry or DLLs to your system folders and it can run from any removable support like pen drives
  • Unlimited database capacity. DJORecipes ships with 100 recipes already included in its database but you can add as many as you wish, no limit to it.
  • Customizing ingredients. DJORecipes uses USDA list of foods and nutritionals but, just like for the recipes, you can add as many as you wish and use them right away in your recipes
  • Searching tools. You can search your recipes database by recipe's name, rating, ingredients, cooking time and more. You'll always quickly find what you're looking for
  • Resizing quantities. With few clicks of the mouse you'll be able to resize ingredient quantities to the servings you need
  • Daily calories count. Set up your daily plan by selecting what you're eating, DJORecipes will give you the calories count

Check the new DJOPAD Project software

DJOBooks is a portable database with plenty of tools to manage your book collections.

Download DJORecipes