Frequently asked questions:

Why am i gettig an "unable to open the database" error?

Make sure your database file is in the same folder of DJORecipes.exe and that is not corrupted.
We recommend to not open the database files with any other software other than DJORecipes to avoid corrupting them.
If the corrupted file is Recipe.db you can download it again from our download section.

Why am i gettig an "unable to create the new database" error?

That error will happen if you either deleted or moved the Recipe.db file out of the executable file folder.
Even if you don't plan to use the recipes inside the Recipe.db database and you've already created other databases, that file is still needed by the software for other tasks like initializing new databases.

I resized the ingredients quantities with the Resize Quantities tool, applied the changes and those changes weren't saved, why is that?

The changes you make to the ingredients quantities are applied to the recipe view in the main frame of the software to let you print the recipe with the values you set up, but they will not be saved in the database.
The only way to modify values in a recipe is through the Modify Recipe tool and Save Database menu item.

Ingredient list is really big and some ingredient names are very long, is there a quicker way to browse the ingredient list when adding ingredients to a new recipe?

If you already know the first letters of the ingredient name you want to use just type them in the ingredient list box and the list will scroll to match the letters you typed, that will surely save you some time.
If you don't remember how the ingredient name starts but just a part of it then you can use the Search Ingredient tool to find what you're looking for.